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Eleanors Answer A Croughton

Eleanors Answer

A Croughton

Published January 26th 2014
Kindle Edition
366 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

David Anderson and Eleanor Jenkins have developed a close, but unusual friendship. Unusual because David is a widower with adult and married children while Eleanor is still at school in the sixth form. But they are not in the same school. Their relation, although platonic at first, had been discouraged by their church Pastor at the instigation of Eleanor’s parents. However, circumstances had brought them together again, but now on a decidedly non-platonic levelWhen Eleanor’s parents became aware of their rediscovered friendship, they told her in no uncertain terms that she must end it. Eleanor’s first problem was should she obey or disobey her parents. But there was another decision to be made, this time by David. Should he end the friendship in the best interest of Eleanor? Things needed to be resolved, one way or another, and they were both invited to Sunday afternoon tea with James and Lucy Butler, James being the church Pastor who had told David to cool the relationship months earlier. After some discussion, David reached his decision.This is the sequel to “David Makes A Decision.” It begins with that decision.